Pathology / Histology Deptartment

The mission of the Midwest Gastrointestinal Associates, PC, (MGI) Department of Pathology is to provide the highest level of gastrointestinal anatomic pathology services for the diagnosis, management, and prognostic evaluation for patients served by MGI.

  • Dr. Bernal provides a personal, consultative service to our gastroenterologists, which includes analyzing medical information in conjunction with observations through the microscope.  Her close working relationship with the gastroenterologists enhances patient care and optimizes the correlation of clinical, endoscopic, and histologic findings.
  • Our laboratory is an in-office facility established exclusively for the patients served by MGI to provide the highest quality and cost-effective gastrointestinal pathology services.  Our laboratory is federally licensed and is compliant with all pertinent federal and state regulations.  We maintain the highest standard of ethical care.
  • The laboratory employs 2 full-time histotechnologists with over 40 years combined experience in histotechnology.  Our staff recognizes that specimens are patients, not just accession numbers in our lab. They are dedicated to combining the newest technologies, expertise, and quality in every sample they process.
  • Our laboratory uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver rapid and reliable results.  When additional studies such as special stains or molecular studies are needed, we collaborate with regional and national laboratories to ensure the proper testing is performed.
  • We have established a quality assurance program that goes above and beyond what is required for licensure.  We monitor departmental performance and promote continuous improvement.  In addition, every new diagnosis of malignancy is reviewed by another pathologist at an outside institution.

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