Anesthesia Services

Our endoscopy suites are staffed by anesthesia providers with experience in an ambulatory endoscopy environment. Our focus is to provide quality gastrointestinal endoscopy in a comfortable, safe, and convenient environment. Most procedures are performed with a nurse anesthetist providing medications through an IV, known as MAC anesthesia, to cause relaxation and sedation. This allows the physician to perform the highest quality procedure and gives the patient optimal comfort.

Our anesthesia providers are equipped to face the challenges unique to endoscopy. They are skilled in providing a comfortable patient procedure experience while assuring the sedation wears off rapidly. Based on your individual procedure you and your GI physician may determine to use an anesthetic known as moderate sedation (twilight sedation) or even no sedation at all, as appropriate.

FAQ’s Anesthesia Services

Why does MGI use anesthesia services now?

Our practice began using monitored  anesthesia care for scopes done at our Endoscopy Center in 2013.  With propofol, a drug that is FDA-approved for sedation, we found improved patient comfort, better polyp detection rates, and faster recovery of our patients. A CRNA administers the sedation while the GI specialist attends to the procedure.

Will my insurance pay for anesthesia services?

It is always best to contact your insurance carrier as plans may differ.

Screening colonoscopy: Medicare and most commercial carriers will cover MAC anesthesia under preventative benefits.  However, when a polyp is removed during a screening colonoscopy Medicare will waive the deductible and co-insurance will apply.

Medical procedures: Medicare and most commercial carriers will consider under medical benefits applying deductible and co-insurance.

Why is there an increase in cost for anesthesia services?

MGI feels the value of this type of sedation is worth the cost. We are very cost-conscious, and this is why we built lower cost free-standing endoscopy centers so patients would not have to visit the hospital for an endoscopy.

The hospitals now, for the most part, all use this type of anesthesia exclusively.  Our use of monitored anesthesia care, or propofol, is still very cost-effective.

Can I have my procedure without anesthesia services?

We are willing to accommodate this request for most patients, depending on medical history and current medications.  Please contact our office to make this request for your procedure.

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