IBD & Pregnancy

Inflammatory bowel disease can affect women in their childbearing years and raises important questions regarding fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Evidence suggests women with inactive disease can expect similar fertility rates as compared with the age-matched general population.

  • Disease activity is more dangerous then most drugs
  • Folic acid is advised before conception
  • Maintenance treatment should be continued
  • Disease flares should be actively treated
  • No live vaccines for the infant in the first six months after birth

Disease activity is the most important factor. Continued monitoring and aggressive control of the disease prior to conception and throughout pregnancy is critical to ensure an optimal outcome for mother and baby. Experts agree most medications used to treat inflammatory bowel disease are safe and should be continued throughout pregnancy with several exceptions. It is important to talk with your gastroenterologist and obstetrician if you are considering pregnancy in the next year to formulate a plan together.

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