Cost Analysis

A patient may require multiple services to be performed during the same procedure. This could result in additional charges for the professional fee, facility fee, anesthesia and/or pathology. The facility fee listed above is for Midwest Endoscopy Services, LLC. If you are scheduled at another facility you would need to contact that facility for their fees. The final cost of your visit cannot be determined until the physician has fully examined you and completed the procedure. It is not uncommon to have biopsies done and /or polyps removed during procedures. Most patients who have a biopsy taken or a polyp removed have two or three specimens examined by the pathologist.

Important Information:

Insurance coverage for these services vary amongst individual insurance plans. Please note that the charges listed above are the billed amounts, the actual allowed amount will be determined by your insurance company. The difference between the billed amount and the allowed amount would be the contractual write-off. It is important to check your individual policy regarding precertification requirements, deductibles, coinsurance, and copay amounts. Please direct any questions to your insurance company to determine coverage and your financial responsibility prior to receiving treatment.

To discuss this information in more detail please contact our financial counselors at (402) 933-4559 or (402) 505-4708.

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